Father daughter making their own special sex tape

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Description: It's a camera silly. You don't think it's cool? Yeah I just got it. I thought it would be fun baby... Well, to record us, together... It's just for us, nobody else will ever see it sweetie, I promise... Okay I'll turn it off for now, but just think about it, I think it could be fun.... Dad... We talked about this. I thought we decided not to use the camera for now... I just think it's weird, I don't know. And anyway, I'm about to hang out with Sarah, she's picking me up pretty soon... Okay fine Dad, we can mess around for a little bit if you really want to... Baby, come out here, let me see how you look... Baby you look beautiful... Sit on the bed for Daddy. Baby I'm so glad you decided to do this for me... You look so pretty, I know we're going to make a very special video....
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