Payback Is A Bitch!!

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Description: Susanna has done wrong. When she had her friends over...she borrowed her Brother's iPad without permission....and one of her friends accidentally sat on it....completely breaking it!! When she goes to confess her wrongdoing to her Brother, he is furious! Susanna offers to Pay him back with her weekly allowance....but Brad points out that her allowance is a mere $25 per week....and the iPad was worth $800!!! Brad tells Susanna that he will have to make her "Payback" her debt in a different way! Brad makes his tiny little Sister take a violent Fucking!!! Susanna is forced to take her mean big Brother's cock down her throat....she is spanked hard until she cries....she is Fucked hard without mercy.....and then she is forced to swallow every drop of his disgusting sperm!! Payback is a Bitch!!!!
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