Mom quickly strips down and offering different poses

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Description: My Mom wants me to stop seeing my girlfriend. She offers me many things but there is only one thing i want. At first she was hesitant but quickly came to the realisation that this is the only way to get rid of me. She quickly stripped down into her bra and panties and began assuming different poses and till i finished. Its been a week since me and my mom made our deal, she gives me some naughty favors and i stop fooling around with my sister. She was really worried that her sweet daughter wouldn't make it into collage if i kept detracting her so i knew i could get a lot out of the deal. When i got to my moms house she wasn't to happy to see i was back but she told me to come in, i sat down on her couch and reminded her that i was hear for her next payment on our deal. She tried to negotiate for a minute but i told her if i didn't get what i wanted form her then id have to get it from her daughter. She asked what her payment was gonna be this week, last week i made her strip to her bra and panties while i jerked off. i told her today i wanted a topless handjob, she argued for a minute that it would never happen but in the end she caved. she went to her room to get a bottle of lube and a towel, she came back out and took her shirt and bra off. i took my pants off and we got started, let me just say that milf knows how to jerk a guy off! i cant wait for my payment next week! It was that time of the week again, it was time to get my sexual favor my mom. When i got to my moms house i just let myself in and i found the sexy milf i was looking for in the kitchen. i said hi to mrs price with a big smile on my face and lets just say she wasn't happy to see me! she asked me what i wanted i reminded her of our deal, she gives me sexual favors and i stay away from her daughter so she can focus on school. she just said fine and told me to jerk off really fast and she would help. i told her today i wanted more, a lot more! she said that she would take her shirt off if that would make me happy and she did. i told her that was nice but now she need to drop to her knees and put my cock in her mouth. she got really pissed and said that would never happen, i told either she would do it or her daughter would! needles to say i filled that bitchy milfs throat with my nut before i left! I tossed and turned all night in bed, all i could think about was mom and how back i wanted to fuck her. i got up super early and went over to her house, i snuck in while everyone including my girlfriend Ashley was still in bed. i went into mom and dads bedroom, dad was snoring hard, i shook mom till her eyes popped open in shock. she was supper pissed and scared, she looked over to her husband and then back to me. she told me to wait for her in the living room. Mom came out a minute later and stared giving me a hard time, i told her i was there for my payment and she got super pissed. i told her she better get naked and hurry before her husband and daughter got up, she was either gonna suck and fuck me or i would tell her whole family what we've been doing. it didn't take much more convincing before mom was sucking and then fucking me in the living while her whole family was still in bed.
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