Dad is in other room while son fucks mom

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Description: It's the morning after, and the scene starts with the Son looking to the floor. He quietly opens the door to his parent's room, goes beside Leena, and gently starts to fondle her tits. His dad is under the sheets, right beside her, fast asleep. Mom awakes, surprised by the situation. She whispers "what are you doing?" The son takes her by the arm, and helps her get up and pulls her out of the room and into his. After getting his mom inside his room, he locks the door and turns back to mom and says "Mom, I was cut short yesterday. I kinda need some more" "Your dad's just in the other room" replies mom hesitantly The son starts groping his mom and says "He probably had too much to drink yesterday, as usual... It's like 7 in the morning, on a Saturday. His probably gonna be out for another couple hours" Mom replies "You're probably right" Son gropes mom and helps her take her nighties off, and lays her on the bed. Then he sets the camera, so that you can see mom's body in its entirety (and the back of his head), and starts to give her oral. Mom encourages him by saying things like "That's my boy" After a bit, son picks up the camera again, goes up to mom and takes out his cock saying "Time to reciprocate mom" Mom starts giving her son a BJ while she looks into the camera. The two proceed to fucking. After dirty talking and fucking in various positions, the son explodes in mom's mouth. Mom continues to suck her son's cock, swallowing and cleaning his cock in the process. Mom gets up and heads to the bathroom, and son follows. She starts cleaning the cum off her, and the son locks the bathroom door. "Mom, I'm still hard" says the son. Mom smiles and starts sucking her son's cock again.
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