Daughter finally ready for sex

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Description: *knock knock* Surpriiise! Happy birthday, Daddy! Hehe, are you surprised? I'm your birthday present from Mommy! She tied you up just for me. We both know just how much you've been staring at me, lately. I'm all grown up for you, Daddy, and this year I'm finally ready for sex! Silly Mommy, though. She thinks we're actually going to use these condoms she left us! I'm going to toss these in the trash, Daddy. Sex with your little girl's going to feel so much better without a rubber on, don't you think? And, ready or not, Daddy, I'm going to ride you until you cum deep inside my unprotected pussy. Mommy never has to know! Isn't this the best birthday present, your daughter's tight little pussy? You're going to make me pregnant, Daddy. I want a baby so badly! Wouldn't you rather it be yours than some boy's from school? I'm going to make you splash your semen across my cervix, Daddy, and make me pregnant! Feed my womb with your cum and you can keep fucking me as my belly grows and grows for the next nine months!
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