Mother smoking teaching sexual pleasure

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Description: Title character Dr. Jamie narrates and acts out a story brought to her desk by Ronnie, a man haunted by his past and trying to get some answers about how his smoke fetish began. The narrative unfolds before your eyes as Dr. J takes you through the story. She explains how Ron, as an impressionable young boy of 15, would watch his mom come home and prepare dinner, bra-less and smoking in the kitchen before her shower. But one night Ron happened upon his mother just out of the shower and he stood silently and watched as she smoked and dried herself, only to be caught peeking. Dr Jamie not only describes how Ron's mom reacts, but shows you herself, as the young mother teaches her son a lesson about sex, love and trust, forever creating in Ron's mind a link to sexual pleasure and smoking. The scene is based on an actual series of events and Jamie Lynn once again proves herself a talented actress.
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