Helping my mom to quit smoking

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Description: Son gets a phone call from his mom's doctor, he says it's very important that she stop her smoking habit. The son confronts his mother about this and she says she has tried to quit in the past but it never works. She makes the joke that the only time she doesn't smoke is when having sex. The son puts his hand on his mom's pussy and starts rubbing. If this is the only way to get her to stop smoking he will do it. She tries to move his hand but he pulls off her pants and underwear. He starts licking his mom's pussy as she pulls off her top and plays with her tits. He gets her to the brink of orgasm and she pushes his head into her pussy and wraps her legs around him and has a shattering orgasm. He gets up and reminds her, no smoking. Mom is out by the pool and she decides to light up a cigarette. The son comes storming out of the house and throws the cigarette in the pool. He grabs his mom and pulls down her swimsuit bottom and spanks her. He rips off her top and fucks her. After he cums inside her he throws her into the pool. Stop Smoking! Dressed in her nightgown mom is reading a book before bed. Out of habit she takes a cigarette out and lights it up. Hearing the sound of the lighter the son bursts into the room. He is more pissed off than ever and decides to fuck her fuck her from behind to teach her a lesson. She protests but takes her son's punishment. Mom's cravings are too much for her. She puts on her sexiest clothes and calls her son into her bedroom. She pulls down his pants and sucks on his cock. She fucks him slowly and seductively talking about how good a boy he is and how much he cares for her. She then makes him cum hard onto her face. The son is spent and flops over and onto the bed. Mom, with the cum still on her, lights up a cigarette and asks "Do you want one?"
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