Caught Jerking By My Sister

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Description: Javier is enjoying some alone time jerking his big cock when his sister, Jenny, enters seeking a ride. She is shocked to find him playing with his dick and tries to fumble her way through her words, heading toward the door. Javier convinces her to stay and chat for a little while. He notices her freshly painted nails, commenting on how good they look. She wants to get ready to leave, but he insists that she stay and wait until he finishes up. Shes seen a guys cock before, right? Shes embarrassed and doesnt know if this is right. Javier plans to teach her a few things, give her a little practice so that the boys at school will like her more. She massages his cock with her hands before slowly thrusting it down her throat. She licks him up and down, sucking on his balls and rubbing his legs as she gives him a fantastic blowjob. He takes off her shirt and bra, getting her more comfortable. He lays back down and she continues to suck him off. He decides to show her how things are really done and fucks her pussy hard, her leg in the air, bracing him from fucking her too fast. He fucks her from behind as she screams his name, his balls slapping up against her clit until he blows a thick load deep inside his sisters pussy. They should be getting to the store soonnah! Javiers over it!
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