Mom taking care of her sick son

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Description: Son, you're so lucky to have a Mother who loves you so much. Even though I'm very busy cleaning the whole house, washing everyone's clothes, and making dinner for your Father and his poker buddies; I still take time to check on you. Look at you Son, you're sleeping so soundly. Mommy's going to take very good care of her sick boy. Let Mommy feel your forehead. Still a little warm... Luckily Mommy knows exactly what will get rid of that pesky cold. I'll just pull back these sheets... Oh, Son! What a big cock you have. Mommy just wants a taste. Oh my goodness Son, you've gotten so hard, but you're still sound asleep... Mommy could just sit on your big hard cock for a minute... That's it Son, just keep sleeping and Mommy will make it all better with her pussy... Oh, you're awake! Son, relax... everything is OK, your Mommy knows what she's doing. Your Mother is just helping you get better. Don't worry Son, this will be our little secret, your Father doesn't need to know. That's right Son, just do what comes natural. Fuck Mommy's pussy. Oh my, you're fucking Mommy so well, I can tell you're starting to feel better already. Mommy knows what will really help you Son. Fill up Mommy's pussy with your cum. Trust me Son, you must, it's the only way you'll get all the way better... Good job Son!!! Don't you feel so much better now? I think you'll be able to go to school tomorrow. Your very welcome Son, Mommy always knows best...
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