Perverted brother wins bet from sister

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Description: You and your brother were fighting over who was smarter. You have always gotten far better grades then him and u know this. You tell him that if he is so certain to bet on the next report card that comes out. He agrees and you bet that if you win he has to pay a 6 months of your car payments. If he wins you have to do whatever he wants for a day. You agree not know what he had in mind at all. Well report card time comes and you are blown away that he did better then you. He is glowing. He tells you alright its time to pay up. Your thinking you are going to have to do chores or some bullshit. He tells you to take off all of your clothes except for your white sporty ankle socks(if they could be puma or some sort short ankle running socks with the reinforced bottom and toe) You laugh and realize he is serious. Now you are disturbed and pissed. Hell no what are you sick u say. He tells you that you are a stuck up bitch and now you are going to get what u deserve and if you dont pay up hes gonna tell your parents about the and dildo he found in your room. You are now a little scared at how this has turned out. You start taking off your clothes. Once down to your socks he tells you to face him and stand on your tippee toes with your legs crossed at the ankles so he can get a good look at ya. You think u are done so u go to gather your clothes but he tells you lay on the bed on your stomach with your socked feet crossed in the air behind u. You are pissed but you do it. He stands at the other end of the bed and pulls out his dick. Now you are really disturbed. What the hell does your brother have in mind. He tells you to come over and suck his dick. You say not a chance in hell. He tells you that your parents will love to find the dildo and then. You shudder at the thought of what your abt to do. (If this could be filmed pov style with your face and socked feet in frame. If you just could get as close as you can with both being in frame.) He tells you no hands only your mouth and he wants all of it in your mouth. You start blowing him and you play with your crossed feet the whole time during the blowjob. He makes you take it all several times and you moan and wimper showing your disgust. He asks you if your ready for his load and you moan no no and shake your head. He says u better not stop moving that head up and down when he starts cumming. Your bobbing up and as far down as you can when he blows his load without warning into the back of your mouth and you flex and unflex your feet to show your discomfort and suprise. You never stop moving your head up and down until he stops cumming. Your left stunned, disgusted and cum dripping out of your mouth.
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