Daughter gets daddy as customer in massage parlor (1)

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Description: I am a high maintenance sort of girl. I crave Louis Vuitton heels and Giuseppe handbags, my daddy's allowance isn't enough to afford me all the luxuries that I crave. I ended up taking a job at the Tokyo Massage Spa, it's "that sort of place," where men go to really 'unload.' lol! I have a new client today! I am very excited. I walk in and I see my Daddy laying on the table! Oh no! I must do 'hand release' on my daddy?! My manager is super pissed off at me because I refused a fat man earlier, now I really need to please my daddy. He is shocked at first. I calm him down. I explain that his allowance wasn't enough, and all I do is just "hand stuff" anyway. I tell him that I need to please him, my manager "Ling-ling" will be checking the towels for semen to make sure I did a good job, He agrees, as long as we both keep it a secret from Mom. Yes! I start the massage, Daddy is surprised when I remove my robe to reveal sexy lingerie. I get ontop of the table, just like I do for all my clients, so he can get a good view of my pussy inside my sheer panties while I massage his calves. I peek under his towel! WOW! It's so excited.. I feel so turned on. It's wrong, but it's okay-- it's a SECRET, no one will ever know. I give him a hand job, something unexpected happens to my body.. my pussy is so wet. It feels so right to climb ontop of him and slide my pussy back and forth against his raging hard cock. Daddy slips his dick inside of me! OMGosh! I would protest, but I can't, it's so amazing. I am going to cum. I fuck him on top, from behind. I cum so hard. I pour oil all over my body, and I love the feeling of gliding back and forth. I make Daddy cum from my hand. I slip on my robe. I make sure Daddy knows "this is our little secret." FUCK! It's such a hot secret, but a secret none-the-less, I'll never tell anyone.. but I definitely want daddy to book another session with me.
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