Daughter and Daddy Teach Mother a Lesson

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Description: Brian is sitting on the couch with Rachel trying to get her in the mood. It has been awhile since they have had sex so he figures this will be his night. She complains that she is tired and takes a sleeping pill instead. Brian is disgusted with her bitching and tells her to just go to bed. His daughter Kelsie walks into the living room and sits on the couch beside him. She can tell that he is upset and asks him what the problem is. They have a very open relationship so he tells her that Rachel has not wanted to have sex in a couple months. She reaches down and rubs his crotch. This makes Brian uncomfortable and tries to squirm away. Kelsie is persistent and Brian relents. She unzips his pants and rubs his cock through his underwear. She pulls down his underwear, pulls out his cock and begins to suck it. She deep-throats his cock while he moans in pleasure. Kelsie suggests they go into the bedroom and show Rachel how to suck a cock. She strips him down before they go into the bedroom. Rachel is out like a light from the sleeping pills. They tie her arms to the headboard. They sit on the bed and Kelsie resumes sucking his cock. He shakes Rachel until she wakes up. She wakes up to the sight of Kelsie sucking her father's cock. Kelsie giggles as she sucks her father. Rachel keeps bitching until he cannot stand to listen to her bitching anymore. He puts a piece of duct tape over her mouth so he does not have to listen to her anymore. He bends Kelsie over, pulls down her panties and fucks her from behind in front of his wife. He finally unties his wife and tells her she is going to finish him off. Kelsie and Rachel both jerk him off together. They take turns sucking his cock. When he is ready to cum he tells them to put their faces together. Rachel realizes what he is going to do and tells him that she does not like facials. Brian is too close to care. He jerks his load all over their faces with Rachel getting the majority of the load. She lies back and says she hopes this is just a nightmare. She fades out.
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