Blake Mitchell, Joey Mills Mine (Helix)

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Description: Each couple goes through trials and tribulations, such as ideal set Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills. Following an evening in town, Joey confesses he has been unfaithful. Mr. Mitchell does not have any intension of dividing. He would MUCH rather make Mills cover ). Blake takes more than turning his boy’s indiscretion to a punishingly ideal chance for the best payback. Joey provides in and becomes more Blake’s private sex slave. The gorgeous poor boy gets fairly porn putty so as to show that his dick loyalty as Blake bangs the fuck out of the face. Mills is more than happy to do anything it takes to cover straying. Blake turns his raunchy revenge towards Joey’s straight back trunk, ravishing the child’s rump with a tough, ramming finger when yanking Mills’ meaty penis. Mitchell spits dick thickening filthy talk when controlling his penis whore state who his gap belongs to. Still hammering the porntastic punishment, and also hell bent on being fulfilled while instructing his twink he possesses that bum, our best dawg dick slinger has to ramming rump raw and constant. Afterward, the alpha butt master sets the child to function, which makes Mills bracket him and perform a few intense laps onto that large, amazing bareback bone of his own such as a porny pogo stick. Enormous bonered Blake’s cocky controller problems reunite and that he moves his fuck toy such as a pancake, beating the boy buttocks like hitter as Mills milks his glorious manhood till he blasts his sleek chest with a whole lot of twink throw. Blake uncorks his enormous penis and goals his considerable, mad load having a vengeance, pummeling fairly boy directly in the face along with his raunchy revenge. Spent and fulfilled, learn Mitchell plants a kiss onto his handsome, hung boyfriend as a loving reminder Mills,”you are mine”