Alphamales - Lucio Saints & Samuel Colt

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Description: American muscle bear Samuel Colt is in London visiting. While there, he meets up with Trojan Rock who offers Samuel use of the gym at Toolbox headquarters, despite the fact that the hunk is only in town for a week. Still, gotta look good for the boys, right? Off Samuel goes, to what turns out to be a much smaller gym than Samuel is accustomed. But beggars can’t be choosy and, despite his disappointment in the lack of heavy equipment, he’s hardly dissatisfied when he eyes Lucio Saints heavy equipment. Then again, that incredibly long, thick, uncut monster cock can’t exactly be overlooked! And who’d want to? It’s soon evident that Samuel is one hell of a cocksucker. Not only can he deep throat Lucio’s massive mat, he can take one hell of a throat fucking! Lucio lays into Samuel on the workout bench, fucking his face with every throbbing inch of his shaft before rimming the muscled hunk and taking him for a balls deep rough ride that ends with both spewing explosive — and groan inducingly massive — loads of ball juice. Hmmm. Slurrrppp!
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