SeanCody - SC1334 - Jamie & Brodie

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Description: Jamie is always so playful. He was doing the splits, and showing off how flexible he was by putting his legs behind his head. “You know,” I said. “It’s great that you can do that and all…” “I know,” he said with a big smile. He knew where I was going with this. “You’re going to be fucking him today,” I said, gesturing toward Brodie. “So we’re going to be putting some of your other talents to use!” Man, Jamie was excited! I think Brodie was a little more trepidatious. He hadn’t had a lot of experience getting fucked. I think he thought it was going to hurt. “Well, be easy on me…” he joked. The connection between the two of them was great. Jamie was getting Brodie to join in on the somersaults and they were doing some pretty crazy acrobatics before the fucking even started. But Jamie wanted to fuck and so he took charge. It was nice to see that in addition to being a voracious bottom, Jamie is also a powerful top!
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