I let daddy fuck me just like mommie

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Description: Dear Diary The other night I was laying in the living room doing my homework when I noticed Daddy checking out my breasts. I should have been disgusted but oddly enough I felt myself getting wet. I went to my room that night and masturbated thinking of doing sexual things with Daddy in the living room. In my fantasy I imagined Daddy sitting next to me and enjoying the feel of my hand on his crotch. I unbutton his pants and his big cock springs free begging me to suck it. My pussy gets drenched as I take him deep in my mouth savoring every inch. When I get too horny to stop I climb on Daddys lap and ride his cock slowly stretching my pussy to take it all. Daddy and I go wld fucking each other until we both explode in a hot mess. This gets me soo hot that I'm changing my sheets every morning.
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